Our Story

Perched on the top floor of the Nathan 726 with an underestimated view of the Mongkok skyline, Sky 726 is Mongkok latest venue to experience a unique perspective on French dining. Not shy in delving into new and experimental recipes, Sky 726 adopts the role of a French Fusion Bar and Kitchen experience with a passion for quality, aiming to explore an eclectic and modern perspective to a very traditional cuisine. The cuisine in tandem with the restaurant vibrant and fanciful atmosphere offers a relaxing reprieve in contrast to the locale bustling urban life.

Sky 726 strives to maintain a high quality and safe kitchen to facilitate the perfect environment for crafting artistic dishes. Our open kitchen invites diners to a peek into the teamwork involved in the preparation of each dish, presenting an interactive facet to the entire dining experience.

The lively Mongkok environment is the inspiration behind our bar industrial and contemporary design, hoping to capture the area energy and vibe. It conveys this energy in its ambitions for providing never-before-seen signature and artisanal cocktails.

Our Mission

Our Location

"Location is everything. Which is why we placed ourselves in the heart of the city, where tastes and people can’t help but come together."

Setting the Mood

"A good meal pairs well with its surroundings. The Chic interior design, a graceful panoramic view, the cozy surroundings: elements that go hand in hand in forging the ideal dining atmosphere"

Cooking Up Innovation

"Stagnancy is never an option. Our methods and recipes are continually refined to match the change in seasons and the city’s palate. Slow cooked to perfection, every visit will keep your taste buds on its toes."

Fresh, Quality Ingredients

"A good dish relies on the integrity of its ingredients. We pride ourselves in employing only the freshest of ingredients for your culinary enjoyment"

Our Team

"The members of our restaurant team pour their passion and expertise in each creation and interaction. Well-oiled and finely tuned, their teamwork is what keeps the restaurant going."

Our Service

"A restaurant is not just food logistics, but an entire sensory experience. Our staff strives to be the perfect host and provide intuitive and graceful service."

Event Hosting

With an open kitchen and bar featuring a rare view of the downtown Mongkok area - Sky 726 is the perfect place for you to host intimate and exciting events.

The restaurant has a seating capacity of up to 67 guests, allowing it to play host to a number of events ranging from private dinners to corporate cocktail parties.

We are happy to provide audio entertainment options in consultation with our guests. With our kitchen and bar working side by side, food and drinks can be tailored and matched to provide your special day with a uniquely memorable and satisfying experience for everyone.

Find Us

Hong Kong

25th Floor, 726 Nathan Road Building, 724-726 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon

For General Enquiries:

Phone: +852 2390 3088


For Reservations:

Phone: +852 2390 3889


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